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Again, we are called Simple Cremation for a reason.  We are a resource for people who want to keep it simple. 

People tell us from time to time that they want a simple cremation, but then someone in the family was not able to be at bedside and they want to see the body again, or the family wants help in submitting an obituary or has questions about organizing a memorial service. This requires more than a simple cremation and should be done through a funeral home.

Below are the services quoted for a simple cremation.

  1. Removal from the place of death and transportation from that facility to the funeral home/crematory/mortuary.
  2. Filing of a death certificate with the state (information you supply)
  3. Housing of the deceased until the cremation can be scheduled and performed.
  4. Delivery to the crematory if transportation is necessary
  5. A cremation tray, either supplied by you or purchased through the funeral home/crematory/mortuary

(In most cases this is a cardboard box with a wood tray bottom and is cremated with the body; most all funeral homes/crematoriums and mortuary services have these available for a modest fee)

  1. Paying the crematory it’s fee. This can be a separate fee and we make sure it is included.
  2. Picking up the ashes if the crematory is off-site and having them available for the family to pick up.

Even with a Simple cremation, most facilities will mail those ashes for a fee.

Other factors to consider, most crematories will require that an Authorization for Cremation be signed by the next of kin.  If next of kin is children or siblings, there is a chance that the paperwork will want every relative in that relationship (children or brothers/sisters) to sign the document.  This shows unity.

We can obtain this paperwork for you and instruct you on the legal needs of the funeral home/crematory/mortuary.  Some require a witness, some a Notary Public.